Leaf Suspension Kits fom $1700.00

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"Blue Max Toowoomba": The Blue Max distributor for Queensland Country Region.

A 100 Suspension leaf spring kit variations in stock, to tailor your individual suspension  requirements. We are the specialists in tailoring suspension kits.

From the Comfort ride to The Tradies work horse. Priced from $1010.00 +  up to $2900.00+ for the Roo shooters pack or that Heavy Duty mining pack.

Dont be disappointed with fitting the incorrect kit call us  so we can place you in the right kit.

NB: All OUR  kits come complete with Greaspable pins, Shackles, steering damper, u-bolts, bushes, springs and shock absorbers. in Gas, HD Gas or foam cells ,ready to go and above all our conditional Guarantee.



SSASuspension Lift Kits – to suit most make or model
SSAShock Absorbers – Foam Cell, Gas, Gas Plus, Gas Bulged, Slim Lined, 
SSAPreassembled Coils / Struts
SSALeaf Springs – Heavy duty, Comfort Duty, Low Carrying, Parabolic
SSACoil Springs – Load Bearing Coils, Comfort, Low Carrying
SSAPolyair Bags – Red bags for Coil Springs or Bellow Springs
SSAU-Bolts – Torsion Bars – Shackles and Pins

Sam Writes: 

"i don't think you can compare the two….?? is a very good product but it comes with the price tag to match. i have bluemax in my patrol as does a mate in his gu and a mate in a forerunner.the product is good and the price is even better, i'm talking a third of the ???? stuff. my only advise for anyone ( coil sprung) is always go heavy or X heavy in the rear even if you don't carry weight. i would use bluemax again. remember bluemax started off in the trucking game, well that was over 50 years now and they are still going strong."





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