Truck Wash CT18 Toowoomba

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CT18 Truck Wash

Chemtech CT18 Superwash is a concentrated multi-purpose cleaning gel suitable for all types of vehicles. Whether you want to get your truck, classic car or your work van clean and sparkly, this is the product to get you there. It removes the toughest grease, grime, oil and soot and leaves a streak free finish. You can spray, foam or sponge on, for the best coverage and to target specific spots. CT18 is biodegradable, is of low toxicity, and safe to use on any surface, including aluminium, brass, copper, glass, plastic, rubber, and vinyl. You can rest assured that this product will not fade paint work, stain metal work, or degrade any sign writing you may have on your vehicle. safe to use on any surface.

If you’re wondering where to buy CT18, you’re already at the right place. Chemtech CT18 is available in 1L , 5L, and 20L containers from here at Country Suspensions parts and Lubricants Toowoomba.

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