Truck Wash CT 20 Toowoomba

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Is this product for you?

Take the hassle out of washing the car with Chemtech’s awesome CT20 Wash ‘N’ Wax, a one stop shop cleaning product that not only cleans dirt and grime from the paintwork, but also leaves it protected after you’ve finished.

How easy is it to use?

Chemtech has engineered the CT20 formula with professional applications in mind, so it’s no surprise that it can be applied comfortably with either a sprayer, foam gun, pressure washer or simply diluted in a bucket for sponge cleaning, without issue. The CT20 also makes the cleaning itself easy though, cutting through grease, grime and grit to leave a clean surface with minimal labour required. It’s also a streak free formula, and the layer of wax left behind will not only give paintwork a mirror like sheen, it will also help to protect the vehicle from rust, and make the next clean a little easier.

Where can you use it?

Chemtech’s Wash ‘N’ Wax product is also completely PH neutral, thus making it safe for everything from clear-coated and metallic paint finishes to vinyl sign writing and wraps. Like most other products in the Chemtech range, it’s also non-toxic to the aquatic environment, and is biodegradable. This wash and wax product also offers rust inhibiting properties that can be built up to protect the vehicle through frequent use.

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