Radial Coulter

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Radial Coulter     

The Radial Coulter, just presented and patented by Ingersoll Argentina SA, resumes the main features of wavy coulters. Its asymmetrical liner wave allows for progressive cutting. Outstanding trash cutting capacity under the most diverse soil conditions is attained with minimum penetration force.

As it causes less stirring with no soil out of the row it helps to keep it humid for a longer time and to lock it more easily.

Seeding speed can be increased while getting the best germination and emergence results. The asymmetric liner wave allows the coulter to sharpen itself while keeping a great cutting capacity throughout its life.

On extremely damp soils is still performs superbly regarding trash cutting and soil stirring inside the row.

Main advantages

  • Outstanding cutting capacity
  • Minimum vertical penetration force
  • Minimum stirring
  • Higher seeding speed
  • Superb self-sharpening capacity
  • More furrow humidity

These features make the Radial Coulter the best choice for trash cutting with minimum soil stirring.


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