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The biggest difference between Happy Camper Gourmet and Freeze Dried food is taste and preparation. There are pros and cons for all products but we believe that although freeze dried food is lighter to carry as it stands, little is thought about the quality of water that is required to reconstitute the freeze dried product.In real terms you are carrying the freeze dried product and the water to mix, and you have to spend the time to prepare it too! We understand that if you are going to rainforests with pristine springs like in NZ or some parts of Tasmania then you may have a valid argument to take freeze dried food with you instead to keep the weight down. It really is about using the best product for the job. Perhaps a combination of our Happy Camper Gourmet food and the Freeze Dried food would work with your camping trip, most Australian campers though need to conserve water hence why Happy Camper Gourmet is taking off around Australia, especially in the northern and western areas of Australia where a 4×4 or motorbike is the main carrying mule and water is there for hydration as a priority. With Happy Camper Gourmet meals you can use any puddle of water, salty or not or even mud to heat the meal pack up or wrap it in foil and place it under the bonnet of the vehicle or even eat it cold. It’s that good! There is no reconstitution required, it has all the original flavours and juices in the bag to even mop up with some bread or damper!For those wanting to know more about the Happy Camper Gourmet food we produce you should have a closer at our website, but before you do let me tell you about who we are.

We are not some multi-national company based in the city, we are Australian farmers looking to value add our highly sort after Murray Grey (Aussie Breed)Grass Fed cattle the best way we can. This means we know what tastes great! We are also avid travelers, covering over 200,000 kms in our caravan visiting the best parts of Australia. We understand the outdoors of Australia and we have sourced this process of keeping our meat on the shelf (no refrigeration) in bags ready to eat at a moments notice because we are big users too!

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