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The right coolant is vital for your engine’s performance. Beyond simply providing boil and freeze protection, it can affect the life of your engine.

PG Platinum is a NAPS free coolant which means it contains no nitrites, amines, phosphates, or silicates. These compounds are perceived by many global OEMs to have an undesirable effect on the environment and make it more difficult to maintain coolant additive levels.

PG Platinum is a propylene glycol coolant. Propylene Glycol is recognized as non-hazardous, non-poisonous and is “generally recognized as safe” by the Federal Drug Administration (USA). As such, it is commonly used in medicine, cosmetics and food products.

PG Platinum offers you greater savings because of the longer life expectancy of the coolant and simplified servicing and maintenance, keeping time and labor costs down.

PG Platinum is the right coolant choice for you, your engine and your environment. 


Castrol and Fleetguard Coolant also available and in stock. 5lts ,20lts and 200lts.

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