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Quality policy statement

Dayco Australia Pty. Ltd is a supplier of world-class automotive products, primarily under the Dayco brand name. Dayco product line-up includes OE systems, sub-systems and components in the areas of power transmission and fluid transfer, drive belts, timing belts, tensioners, pulleys, all types of automotive hose and other cooling system components. The Dayco team is dedicated to the ongoing maintenance of our management systems throughout the company and in concert with our suppliers, customers and appointed distributors. The management systems require commitment to providing products and services that consistently meet our customers’ quality and environmental needs and expectations and to continuously improve in all that we do.

At Dayco Australia, we are committed to achieving the following organisational objectives:

  • Implementation of continuous quality and environmental ethics and standards that are appropriately communicated and clearly understood by all employees.
  • Setting objectives and targets that demonstrate a commitment to the continual improvement of our quality and environmental performance.
  • Maintaining management’s commitment to the prevention of pollution and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements,and other requirements relevant to our industry, conventions and local community.
  • Providing a work environment conducive to employee involvement and empowerment through teamwork.
  • Providing training necessary to support and enhance the continuous improvement process.
  • Establishing a work environment that stimulates and promotes open two-way communications with our customers, employees and suppliers.
  • Ensuring the ongoing effectiveness and suitability of our management systems through planned internal and external audits and management reviews.
  • To make this Policy Statement freely available to all interested parties.

Dayco Management Systems have been audited and certified by an independent authority to comply with current automotive and environmental international standards.

All employees will be encouraged to contribute to the development and improvement of the management systems through their work teams. Once authorized, management systems requirements must be consistently observed and adhered to by all employees.

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